Chengdu, September 25, 2019



Chengdu certainly has a unique variety of snacks, but few are as theatrical in their preparation as the famous San Da Pao, a snack with a name that literally translates to ‘Three Big Gun Shots’.


Americans John Isner and Bradley Klahn visited the Social Restaurant at the official tournament hotel of St. Regis Chengdu this morning to try their hands at the art of making this popular street food.


Decked out in chef gear and guided by the restaurant chef, the duo first mixed together the ingredients of glutinous rice dough, soy powder and brown sugar into a ball.


They were then required to bounce three of these glutinous balls off a drum lined with cymbal saucers and into a rattan basket laced with soy power. The sound made by the drum and the clanging saucers when the three balls bounce off is how the food derives its name.


Both players had no issue executing the task and were also provided chocolate icing with which to decorate their dessert plates before they tucked into the food.


“We cooked the very authentic Chengdu sticky rice balls and bounced them off the drum set. It was very very good. I enjoy different cultures and foods. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really started to enjoy all the places that I go to. As tennis pros, we’re very lucky to get out and explore really the whole world. It’s my first time in Chengdu so I’m glad I got to do this,” said Isner.


There will be free admission to qualifying round matches, Court 1 and 2 matches. Tickets for the Chengdu Open Main Draw Center Court matches through to the finals are available through or via the national hotline at 10103721.


The tournament is owned by IMG and is organized by the Chinese Tennis Association and Chengdu Municipal Government, is co-organized by Chengdu Sports Bureau, Shuangliu District Government and Chengdu Culture Tourism Group and is promoted by Sichuan Investment International Tennis Centre Development Co., Ltd., CCTV IMG (Beijing) Sports Management Co. Ltd. and WME IMG China Culture Development Co. Ltd.


The Chengdu Open is also very proud to have the distinguished support from ATP Tour’s Premier Partner Emirates, the official player hotel St. Regis Chengdu, which fast became a favourite of the players, Dunlop tennis balls, the official water VOSS, the official car BMW / Reach Now, the Sichuan Tennis International Hotel, which is conveniently located adjacent to the courts and provides efficient services to the tournament, the exclusive official digital media partner Iqiyi Sports, the official stringer Yonex, the official public transportation platform Tian Fu Tong, the official gym equipment Impulse and the official tea Sichuan Mengding Tea Co. Ltd.


The official tournament website has additional information about the tournament.


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